Why Electrolysis

It is simply the only way to permanently be rid of unwanted hair effectively. Before outlining several more reasons as to why electrolysis should be considered for permanent hair removal, a brief description of what exactly electrolysis is will help to outline the multiple benefits to this type of hair removal.

What is Electrolysis?
According to the American Electrology Society, “electrology is a procedure performed by specialists in electrology [where] the electrologist inserts a very fine [probe] into the opening of the hair alongside the hair shaft to deliver a micro pulse of electricity to the base of the follicle”. It is through this process that use of electrology, over time, destroys hairs’ capability to regrow, therefore leaving with you hair free.

Historically, electrolysis has been practiced since the late 1800’s and has been one of the most trusted methods of ridding of unwanted hair for both men and women. It may be caused by stress, heredity, medication side effects, and endocrine dysfunction.  At your free consultation, I will discuss your medical history with you so that I will be able to understand the potential causes of your unwanted hair growth and be able to treat in accordingly. Subsequent treatments are the best way to see the best results and catered to every person’s individual needs. 

Additional Reasons

  • Permanency – Other methods boast “permanent” hair removal only to have the hair grow back days, weeks, or months later on. Temporary hair removal methods such as tweezing, shaving, depilatories, pumice stones, and laser treatments often have side effects and require time, energy, and money.
  • Medically Approved – Not only does the American Medical Society and the FDA support electrolysis as a safe method for removal of unwanted hair but this method is also recognized world-wide.
  • Psychologically Uplifting – Imagine no longer being frustrated, embarrassed, and unhappy with unsightly and unwanted hair and not seeing results from shaving, waxing, or using laser treatments. Electrolysis helps to make you feel clean, beautiful, confident, self-assured, and most importantly, happy!
  • Improves Appearance – It's simple, you look and feel better because you no longer have to worry about that unwanted, unsightly hair giving you that extra boost to your self-confidence and self esteem!
  • Eliminates Time Wasted – No longer would you have to spend hours tweezing, waxing, shaving, or getting laser treatments. Instead you will time to spend on other, more enjoyable things.
  • Improves Skin Appearance – Your skin can also benefit from electrolysis treatments in that users often report that their skin looks younger, healthier, firmer, clearer, and with smaller pores.
  • Discourages Odor Build-Up– Excessive hair can promote and retain odor in certain areas, which then becomes progressively less as the area becomes hair-free.
  • Fashion – With today’s often revealing fashions, no one wants to have unwanted and unsightly hair marring their appearance and dictating their clothing choices.
  • No Tweezing- This is only a temporary time-consuming method of hair removal and the hair will grow back in 8-13 weeks, keeping you in constant cycle of plucking and hair regrowth.
  • No Shaving – Not only is this method very temporary but it means cutting close to the skin to remove hair. Within a few hours, hair has regrown enough to feel stubbly and rough to the touch, and it frequently results in having a 5 o’clock shadow and dry, itchy, irritated skin.
  • No Bleaching – Bleaching only serves to attempt to hide unsightly and unwanted hair. This process is time consuming and does not solve the unwanted hair problem plus the process means that one must use chemicals that can dry out and and irritate skin.
  • No Waxing – Ouch!! This method can not only be extremely painful but can result in several unpleasant side effects. In addition, waxing can be very time consuming, expensive, and does not deliver permanent hair removal results.
  • No Pumice Stones – While this might be a relatively painless way to remove hair, pumice stones do not permanently remove hair but also stimulate the skin and cause hair to grow back thicker and more noticeable.

Useful Links

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American Electrology Association

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